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Prairie Manufacturer Magazine, Spring 2019 Issue

“Welcome to the age of disruption”
Published March 2019

From cars made out of food to the latest in ‘smart factory’ technology, the future in Manitoba is already here.


“A car made of flax and a motorcycle made of hemp: If these sound like inventions from the mind of a science fiction writer, think again. These products and others like them are actually the creations of the Composites Innovation Centre (CIC) in Winnipeg.

At the CIC, almost anything goes when it comes to the types of products they generate. Anything that has material at its core, really, is fair game. Take the flax-based Kestrel Car, for example. The car was a pilot project with an Alberta company that looked at the applicability of using flax in woven and unwoven states to see if it could be formed into car parts. As it turns out, it could…”

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Prairie Manufacturer Magazine, Winter 2018 Issue

“We can do it!”
Published Dec. 2018

New national campaign aims to add 100,000 women to the manufacturing workforce by 2023, starts by awarding scholarships to four young women pursuing manufacturing careers.


“From a young age, Madi Griemann followed in her father’s footsteps. Literally. A naturally curious child, she would tail close behind him as he walked about his mechanics shop, wondering what he was doing and the types of equipment he was working on.

The formative years of her life were split between that shop and the industrial arts facility at her school in Moosomin, Saskatchewan, where it didn’t take long for Griemann to decide that she wanted a career in manufacturing.

“I always knew I was heading for a trade since I was little,” says Griemann. “I liked working with my hands and keeping busy. As I started taking more shop classes, I realized the ones I liked best were those related to metal and manufacturing…

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The Projector

“Documentary film festival celebrates its ninth year”
Published Nov. 7, 2017

“A documentary film festival celebrating its ninth year in Winnipeg officially kicked off its program on Wednesday Nov. 1. Gimme Some Truth is a film festival being produced by the Winnipeg Film Group (WFG) and is taking place in the heart of the Exchange District Nov. 1-5 at 100 Arthur Street, main floor Cinematheque…”

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“A healthy dose of body positivity for students”
Published April 9, 2018

“Stress, debt and lack of sleep may be the most well-known student problems, but an upcoming series of workshops at Red River College look to shine a light on an issue equally damaging to students’ health: negative body image.

“It’s a big issue for women,” said Pamela Rosen, a counsellor at RRC’s Exchange District Campus. “In counselling, we see it come up a lot. We see it in men too…”

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The Manitoban

“Going beyond Bechdel on the big screen”
Published Feb. 21, 2016

“On Feb. 23, the Provincial Council of Women of Manitoba (PCWM) will host a panel discussion at the Park Theatre starting at 7 p.m. titled Beyond Bechdel: Where are the Women in Film? that will attempt to break new ground on the topic of the underrepresentation of women in the film industry.

It’s no easy feat, but event organizer and PCWM president-elect Alexandra Shkandrij feels her four talented panelists and moderator Merit Jensen Carr are more than up to the task…”

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