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Released 2/22/2019.

Released 2/22/2019.

All Things Mortal

“A thousand years ago the goddess of death almost destroyed our universe. Three dead planets and a handful of dead gods stand as a testament to that. Now they say she wanders among us, powerless but waiting for another chance.”

Daiga has heard many versions of her story told over the years, many of them untrue. Once the feared goddess of death, she was imprisoned in a mortal's body and stripped of her powers by her sister, Odisa, the goddess of life. 

But Daiga has never really been as vengeful as they say, and reclaiming her old life was never really an option. Until she meets Lane.

Lane is one of the wives of the Lord—the current ruler of those still alive in the galaxy of Fira Moder. Both queen and warrior, Daiga knows she is dangerous. And Lane has her mind set on one thing: restoring Daiga's powers and killing the Lord, in that order.

All Things Mortal is a new lesbian space opera novella from Laurel Johanson, available on Kindle, Kobo, and from McNally Robinson Booksellers in Canada