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Released 09/31/2018.

Released 09/31/2018.

Featured in ImageOutWrite Volume 7

"The first time I saw Cinderella I was scraping crusted grease off the deep fryer at two minutes to midnight. 

Fatty Patty was known for getting a few weirdos in the odd hours of the evening, but you’re asking for it when you’re a fast food joint open 24 hours a day. Every night I could add at least one person to the list of crazy characters I’ve encountered, and yeah, I actually do keep a list. I have a separate one for crazy um, “incidents”, though. Like this one time an old man walked in and ordered two chocolate milkshakes but then as soon as he got them he just threw them on the floor and started writhing around in the mess, like some kid making snow angels at Christmas..."

 ImageOut, New York's longest-running LGBTQ film festival, is proud to celebrate our 2018 issue of ImageOutWrite! The prose and poetry comprising ImageOutWrite, Volume Seven, will transport you through LGBTQ perspectives that span the past, present, and future, as well as the realm of pure fantasy. It also provides vivid glimpses of the trans experience through the eyes of parents, spouses, those who transition, and those who dream of doing so. As varied and vibrant as the LGBTQ community itself, this volume reverberates with shared humanity. Whether you're out and proud, exploring your identity, or newly allied, this collection will leave you feeling unequivocally that you're not alone.